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Hello! I'm Miguel.

Miguel alvarez at Miguel Digital Media

I’m a digital enthusiast and problem solver. With a background in B2B and B2C marketing focused on web design and SEO, I’m here to transform your online presence.

Think of me as your digital guide, I’ve been helping small businesses and freelancers thrive in the digital landscape. I learned to make marketing deliver. Let’s make it work for you too.


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I started as a Sales Executive, exceeding monthly targets became routine, surpassing them by 20% in the first semester. A commitment to relationships and customer loyalty emerged.

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2015 - 2018

Venturing further, as a Partner Account Manager at a US-based marketing agency (2015-2018).

I honed skills in building partnerships, driving revenue, and executing marketing campaigns.

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2018 - 2021

The journey persisted. A shift to Sweden marked my role as a Marketing Manager in the hospitality industry.

The challenge? Increase brand awareness and engagement. The outcome? Successful social media campaigns, boosted revenue, and a leap in customer satisfaction.

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2022 - Present

In 2022, a pivotal shift embraced SEO and Web Design as a Freelancer.

Crafting strategies for restaurant owners and freelancers to establish a robust online presence became a mission.

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If you are a business owners you don’t just need a website; you want dynamic platforms to showcase  your services and boost revenue.

I specialize in crafting websites and SEO strategies that precisely meet your businesses’ growth needs.

Why this journey? 

It’s not just about the ‘What‘—delivering web design and SEO.

It’s the ‘How,’ blending passion and experience with creativity. 

But above all, it’s the ‘Why‘ that fuels me—a relentless mission to empower businesses and freelancers. 

How effective is your brand's online presence?

For no-obligation initial consultations, whether it’s to assess your potential or for specific project inquiries, I am here to assist you.


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