Redesigned website for one of a kind sushi restaurant.


After a year of opening, Asiana Sushi underwent a digital transformation. Overcoming challenges, I enhanced user experience and increased online visibility, resulting in a remarkable 50% traffic surge.



Asiana Sushi Restaurant



salmon sushi rolls on a plate and small dishes on the side
Laptop displaying Asiana's contact web page

> challenge

Asiana Sushi faced multiple challenges a year after its opening—outdated website visuals, no data retrieval due to missing analytics, a non-user-friendly design, and an inability for guests to order directly. The digital presence was in dire need of a comprehensive overhaul.


Conducting a thorough assessment, I initiated a complete redesign of the website. Prioritizing user experience, I integrated an online ordering system, optimized the site for SEO, and established a connection with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. High-quality visuals and video content were uploaded to showcase the restaurant’s ambiance.


The transformation yielded substantial results. Website traffic surged by 50%, and the revamped online ordering system gained traction. The new design not only enhanced user experience but also positioned Asiana Sushi favorably for local SEO through its Google Business profile. Asiana Sushi’s digital presence was not just revitalized but became a dynamic tool driving increased online visibility, customer engagement, and direct orders.

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