Website for biggest Korean restaurant in Sweden.


I guided a fresh restaurant through its digital launch—shaping a unique logo, creating a seamless website, and achieving the second spot on Google SERP. A transformed online presence, inviting more clicks while preserving the essence.



KOMO Restaurant



chef pouring scallions on a stew
komo hotstone menu on a platter

> challenge

A recently launched restaurant approached me, seeking to establish a robust online presence from scratch. With no existing brand elements or digital footprint, the challenge was to create a cohesive identity and enhance their visibility in the competitive online landscape.


I initiated a comprehensive strategy, starting with redesigning their logo to encapsulate the essence of the restaurant. Crafting a website that mirrored the establishment’s ambiance, I ensured consistency in the online and physical experience. Simultaneously, I designed an engaging menu for the digital platform. Implementing a targeted SEO strategy, I aimed to secure a prominent position on Google’s SERP.


The results spoke volumes. The website ranked on the second place of Google’s SERP within a short period, significantly improving online visibility. This, coupled with a well-designed menu, led to a remarkable 400% increase in online traffic within the first three months. The restaurant not only established a strong online presence but also garnered attention and engagement, translating into real-world footfall and revenue growth.

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